Europe Virtual ALT.NET - Feedback & Suggestions

Here we would like to get your feedback regarding the European Virtual ALT.NET online sessions and discussions. Whether you have an idea for a future topic or you just want to provide us some feedback regarding the format, just let us know.
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Introduction to Nancy Framework

It would be interesting to see more on the Nancy framework, a Sinatra based framework for .net Cheers
ipartington, 01.04.2011, 09:14
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Introduction to an implementation of AMQP.

It would be interesting to see a presentation of an implementation of AMQP like Qpid, RabbitMQ or anything else. Or an...
Gui, 25.04.2011, 10:23
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Introduction to AutoFac, Whitebox by Nicholas Blumhardt

This is one IOC container that deserves some love ... if only for the innovation put in by Nic.
yreynhout, 29.04.2011, 23:21
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Manage builds and depdencies for .NET with ant ivy and jenkins ci server (former hudson)

I would like to go thru how to handle builds for .NET with ant build tool. How to handle dependencies (binaries) with one of the oldest dependency managers from the java world. Also how to handle versioning, branchning tree tactics and how this...
ptomasroos, 22.09.2011, 10:51
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Introduction to one or more of the Micro ORMs

It would be nice to have somebody like Rob Conery, Mark Rendle or Sam Saffron discuss/demo this new trend ... #massive #dapper-dot-net #simpledata
yreynhout, 28.04.2011, 21:13
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Introduction to the FubuMVC Web Framework (Open Source)

I think I'd be willing to do an introduction to the FubuMVC web framework open source project if people are interested. I gave an introductory presentation at a local code camp that I could mold to the online VAN style of presentation. Here is...
mkmurray, 01.04.2011, 08:06
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Introduction to EventStore by Jonathan Oliver

Jonathan Oliver has built a wonderful event store for the event sourcing pattern, aptly called EventStore, that provides a great abstraction for usage with relational, document and NoSql databases.
yreynhout, 29.04.2011, 23:16