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Introduction to the FubuMVC Web Framework (Open Source)

I think I'd be willing to do an introduction to the FubuMVC web framework open source project if people are interested. I gave an introductory presentation at a local code camp that I could mold to the online VAN style of presentation. Here is the github repo of my presentation codebase:

And here is the presentation synopsis:

FubuMVC (Fubu = for us, by us) is an open-source MVC framework for the .NET platform that focuses on rapid development, plugability, and convention-based configuration. It tries to focus on SOLID principles, composability, separation of concerns, DRY, and other critical concepts of rapid, friction/pain-free web development. This session will introduce the differentiating features from ASP.NET MVC, such as behavior chains, packaging, partial requests, and much more.

mkmurray, 01.04.2011, 07:06
Idea status: completed


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